Magnetic metal rod that expands in your knee so don't need the joint replaced

Publication:  Mail Online

Date: 3rd October 2017

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A new magnetic rod could end the pain of knee arthritis without the need for a joint replacement. Steve Broatch, 61, a window cleaner from Carlisle, Cumbria, had the operation and tells Carol Davis his story.

Carlisle knee surgeon Matt Dawson is attracting international attention for his pioneering work to keep people active. Health reporter Pamela McGowan met some of his success stories…

Matt Dawson

A database has been set up by a Basingstoke surgeon to gather information about osteotomy operations. Orthopaedic surgeon Adrian Wilson hopes the information can be used to persuade other surgeons to use his techniques developed for knee surgery.


The osteotomy, where bone from the donor bank is used to realign the injured leg, helped 62-year-old, and was carried out at BMI Hampshire Clinic in Old Basing.


Op to ease creaky knee using a slice of someone else's hip!

Publication:  Daily Mail

Date: 6th July 2015

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Donor bone is now being used to treat knee arthritis. A 62 years old company director, from Iver, Buckinghamshire, tells Adrian Monti how the procedure has given him a new lease of life.


Malcolm Macdonald and surgeon Matt Dawson on the advances in knee surgery

Publication:  Chronicle Live

Date: 30th June 2015

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They are two men who have touched the heights of their profession and came together on hallowed ground in a common cause.Matt Dawson, one of the country’s leading knee surgeons, and Malcolm Macdonald, a No 9 legend with the Magpies were appropriately united at St James’ Park.


Leg-straightening op can keep bad knees working for years

Publication:  Daily Mail

Date:  5th August 2014

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Thousands of people have knee problems due to arthritis or injury. But an age-old solution has come back into fashion using new 3D technology. Andy Duckworth, 36, a factory manager from Southampton, was one of the first to benefit, as he tells Judy Hobson.


Trail-blazing surgeon helps pioneer cutting-edge technique

Publication:  Basingstoke Gazette

Date:  1st April 2014

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Trail-Blazing Adrian Wilson is also helping to pioneer a technique which is set to change the way knee osteotomies are performed.