High Tibial Osteotomy / Over 50 years old / High activity level

Type: HTO Age: Over 50 Activity Level: High

I am a 57 year old and have worked as a Maintenance Engineer for 40 years. The job is physically demanding. In my twenties I competed in half marathons and also the London marathon. I ceased competitive running in my late twenties due to family commitments but continued to run and cycle as a form of exercise into my fifties.


In the summer of 2014 I experienced pain with the following symptoms in my left knee:


  • Sharp pain in knee cap and ankle
  • Tenderness inside of knee joint
  • Numbness below knee cap
  • Swelling of knee joint


The Consultant explained the treatment options and I chose to have a high tibial osteotomy and cartilage repair to relieve the pain, which was now making it impossible for me to work.


After completing a phased return to work over 3 weeks I have am now able to undertake all duties required within my engineering role and have not experienced any further discomfort. I am walking without pain and have returned to cycling doing 20 – 25 miles.