High Tibial Osteotomy / Under 50 years old / High activity level

Type: HTO Age: Under 50 Activity Level: High

My knee problems started with a cruciate ligament injury playing rugby -this stopped me playing but I was able to play tennis, jog and later back to rugby as a referee. Following a second injury whilst fitness training eventually I was referred for a ligament reconstruction -and during the rehab from this operation it became apparent that other stuff was going on and replacement was on the cards some time in the future. I could no longer run without pain though walking was not a problem except for the odd ‘giving way’ if I was not careful on uneven ground.


Osteotomy was offered as a means to ‘keep what I had’ for longer rather than leap straight onto replacement and this seemed the best idea. The operation was straightforward and I was up and about with crutches almost straight away returning to work as a construction site manager (though on light duties) a week later. The worst part of the operation was the few days of nausea and tiredness following restless nights, which took longer to settle down.


There seems no downside to the operation, nothing has got worse, the instability improved -presumably because my leg is straighter now and I only experience discomfort if I overstep the mark by walking or gardening all day long but even this is easily controlled by non-prescription painkillers.


Until they invent bionic knees this will do fine for me.


Many thanks for all your (and everyone else involved) help to now, if you need anything else please let me know.