High Tibial Osteotomy / Under 50 years old / Medium activity level

Type: HTO Age: Under 50 Activity Level: Medium

I first had problems with my left knee after a skiing accident in 1990. I had ligament and cartilage damage and had an arthroscopy to repair damage. 2 years later I damaged the ligaments again skiing so decided to give up! From then on, I had problems with my left knee for many years, and GP’s and consultants looked at it over a period of 10 years and could not come up with any reason for the pain. I had 3 more arthroscopies in this time and still had pain. I had to give up horse riding by this time, which was my real passion, as my knee couldn’t take the pressure of mounting and dismounting. I couldn’t kneel or bend my knee very well at all by this point.


In 2006 it got so bad I was referred back to a consultant to see if anything could be done. Years of physiotherapy hadn’t helped and it got to the stage where the consultant said although I was only 39, the only option was a knee replacement, but I was still a bit young for that to be done. This was when I was referred to you for a final opinion.


The speed of diagnosis was tremendous and I was booked in for the osteotomy. I was nervous, hesitant and unsure if it was going to work, and I knew it was a big operation, but after all the pain I was feeling and not being able to ride a horse, I would try anything. The 8 weeks after it when I was non-weight bearing was very hard, I was sore, I had scars but once I got my head round the fact that this could have worked, I felt lots better! The operation itself went well, the rehabilitation afterwards was second to none and within 3 months I was back driving again and would have been back in the saddle but was told not to so soon…


Since then, I haven’t looked back. I still get an occasional twinge in my knee, but not very often and it certainly doesn’t stop me doing anything. I can now kneel, bend and horse riding is not a problem, even after spending hours in the saddle.


I can honestly say I have never looked back. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend people have it done, I cannot understand why any resistance is met. If I had problems with my knees again, I would certainly have another.